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Book # 1 in 2018

Mason Compos and Lexi Sherman have been dating for two years and are deeply in love. He flies a Beechcraft for a charter service. She is a waitress. They live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and dream about the time when they can start their own businesses.

Mason's parents run a four-generation restaurant provisioning company and decide to turn over their business to their children. Because Mason will never work in the restaurant business, his parents buy him out and give him his share of their legacy. 

Suddenly, Mason and Lexi have the resources to start their dream companies. Their joy is shattered when someone tries to kill their plans.

Visit to order: Click on the authors tab, Authors are listed alphabetically by first name. Find Bob and click on his photo. Scroll down to find the book you want to order choosing e-reader format or POD (Print on Demand) if you'd like a paperback.

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