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On her honeymoon, Cari shares with her new husband, Bud, the details of her life before they were dating in high school in 1943. In particular, she describes the complicated relationship she had with her history teacher during her sophomore year.

Jeremy Raines’ flamboyant classroom approach, use of piano music, and warm response to her excellent class participation pulls Cari into his inner circle.

Further complication of their relationship deepens when he assigns her to research the America First movement, active right up to the outbreak of the war. As a child who lost her father during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the America First movement is a jarring reality to Cari. The fact that Mr. Raines would push her to study it knowing her history only confuses her more.

Bud and Cari enjoy their honeymoon despite the disturbing episodes from her past. Bud loves her so deeply and has for so long that he takes Cari as she is and wants to go on with their life.

Their marriage is unexpectedly challenged when Jeremy Raines finds a way back into their lives and takes a frighteningly more vivid role in Cari’s adult life.

Escaping Jeremy

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