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‘Committed’ is a one-act play that tells the story of Murph, a very successful businessman who struggles to settle down with his long-time girlfriend. A new executive in Murph’s company has a past with him as a former intern. She upsets the balance of Murph’s life.

Recently, Heidi Surprenant wrote five songs for this play to turn it into an operetta. It was produced in workshop lNovember 2015. Bob and Heidi hope to have a revised operetta version available later this year. Contact Bob for production rights

‘Four White Russians Make a Cocktail’ is set in an African American diner where officials from the city visit to have lunch and to plan. Their regular waitress discovers that their plans include preventing Blacks from rising in the city’s hierarchy of leaders. She decides to shake up her own stuck life by running for school board against one of her racist customers. Contact Bob for production rights.


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