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‘Happiness Delayed by War’ can be found on the website It is the story of a sailor returning from WWII with a badly damaged hand who tries to go back to work in his old job at a bakery. A co-worker befriends him and a relationship begins.

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‘Buck’s Parting Gift’ Buck is the most successful salesman at the company for which he works. He discovers a way to skim funds from his employer and fund the sporting goods store he has always wanted to run. Buck is surprised to discover that he is not the only one stealing from the company. 

'Better' tells Emily's attempts to get back into the dating world after she walks in on her boyfriend with a man.

Her girlfriend suggests a dating site that has worked for her that encourages men to put newsy videos on the site to reveal their strengths and weaknesses. Emily is frustrated with her matches and is just about to quit when Corey's engaging video catches her eye. Her first impressions face to face are positive until Corey reveals disturbing proclivities to mine the most minute personal data. She has to decide whether to break things off, when she discovers that his total knowledge of her online history works to her advantage.

'A Vacation Upgrade'. Tom and Nora's favorite type of trip is to drive the blue line highways on their map. They are on the last leg of their journey when they stop in Turner's Corner for lunch. They make the mistake of drinking the water and discover a secret that is plaguing the small town. They are forced to make life changing decisions once they discover the secret that has the potential of ruining their lives.

Each of these stories are priced at $5 each. Please use the 'Contact' page to order your favorite and Bob will ship it to you.

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